Sound System Trouble Shooting

If you have no sound when using the beat timers, you need to make some adjsutments on your computer.

Listed are what some members do on their computers to make it work with the beat timers.

If you do not see the play, pause, stop buttons, and the sliding wafer inside the yellow rectangle, you may have Apple's QuickTime program on your PC designated as the default player. Sometimes the QuickTime viewer steps on the beat timers.

If you have Apple's QuickTime Program on your PC, you may uninstall it. Do not delete it, so that you may reinstall it, if you need it again.

There are 3 ways you can check why the beat timers (midi files) may not play on your PC:

1. If you do not hear the ticking sounds, ensure your volume is up full. Go to the control panel (start button - settings - control panel, and click on "multimedia". Look for device to play MIDI files. If no device is selected, choose one. If a device is selected, choose another, if available.

2. Click "start" button, select "search or find" click on "files or folders", then look for "*.mid". Click on any of the files found.

3. Find a midi file and play it. You may use this one.

You may also try upgrading it to the latest version.

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